Our reference customers




System modules used: Comprehensive ERP solutions: purchasing, sales and order management. DMS, Service system, Helpdesk application, Trade modules, Human resources and attendance.
INSIO customer since: 2017

Company profile: for over 30 years, Altron has been the number one supplier of data centers and technological
infrastructure for critical business applications on the Czech market. The company operates in
a wide range of industries, from telecommunications to energy, transport and logistics,
industry, banking, insurance, government, the military, to the security
forces of the state.

Case study: How Altron handled IT consolidation

Website: www.altron.net
Region: Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Oman

Union poisťovňa, a.s. 

System modules used: Comprehensive purchasing solutions / DMS: Purchase Orders, Contract records, Approval of invoices.
INSIO customer since: 2020

Company profile: Union poisťovna is a leader in the field of travel insurance and a pioneer in the field of individual health insurance. It has a strong position in selected segments of non-life insurance as well as life and individual health insurance.

Case study: Clear solution of the process of purchase orders in the company UNION

Website: www.union.sk
Region: Slovakia, Czech Republic

Heimstaden Czech s.r.o.

System modules used: DMS + HR. Unified registration of contracts with approval processes, Trade modules, Attendance systém, Helpdesk, Post office, Data boxes.
INSIO customer since: 2008

Company profile: Heimstaden is the largest provider of rental housing in the Czech Republic, manages 43,000 rental apartments in the Moravian-Silesian Region and since April 2018 has also been operating in the Olomouc Region. RESIDOMO changed hands and became the Swedish company Heimstaden on February 20, 2020. It is one of the largest players in the European residential housing market and operates in a total of five markets (Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway). Heimstaden manages approximately 110,000 apartments with a total value of approximately SEK 170 billion (CZK 440 billion).

Website: www.heimstaden.cz
Region: Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway

Neovize s.r.o.

System modules used: DMS + HR. Purchase orders, Invoice approval, Contract records, Human resources.
INSIO customer since: 2014

Company profile: NeoVize is the largest Czech – Slovak group of ophthalmologists, which provides a wide range of outpatient and surgical eye care. In addition to healthcare, NeoVize also operates a network of opticians.

Case study: How NeoVize dealt with digitization

Website: www.neovize.cz
Region: Czech Republic, Slovakia

RN Solutions a. s.

System modules used: DMS + HR. Purchase orders, Invoice approval, Contract records, Human resources.
INSIO customer since: 2018

Company profile: RN Solutions a.s. is one of the largest investment groups in the Czech Republic. It currently manages and has revitalized dozens of companies in which it has successfully invested. The group currently invests in the following sectors: energy, gastronomy, real estate and property management. It also manages several investment funds such as the Nemomax real estate fund, the APE2 technology fund.

Website: www.rn-solutions.cz
Region: Czech Republic

ENGIE Services a.s.

System modules used: Service desk + maintenance, Business operations, Billing + invoicing.
INSIO customer since: 2018

Company profile: ENGIE Services a.s. is part of the French concern ENGIE SA, which is a world leader in the field of energy, technical infrastructure and energy services. With 150,000 employees in 70 countries, it generates a turnover of EUR 66.6 billion. It is listed on the stock exchanges in Paris, Brussels and Luxembourg.
Engie Services is one of the leaders in Slovakia in the field of energy and comprehensive property management.
It is one of the largest private heat producers and is a leader in the provision of energy services.

Website: www.engie.sk
Region: Slovakia (parent company ENGIE SA operates worldwide)

Domov U Biřičky

System modules used: Ordering system with approval processes, Digital document signing, Request systém, Helpdesk, Reservation systém, Contract records, Service portal, Traveling orders, Energo, Intranet.
INSIO customer since: 2016

Company profile: The facility is one of the largest providers of social services in the Czech Republic, it has been available to seniors since 1965. Home services, ie especially accommodation, catering and social care services, are provided by employees in a number of professions.

Website: www.ddhk.cz
Region: Czech Republic