NeoVize – case study


How NeoVize dealt with digitization

System modules used: DMS + HR. Purchase orders, Invoice approval, Contract records, Human resources. INSIO has been a customer since:  2014

The NeoVize Eye Clinic has been taking care of its patients’ eyesight since 2008. NeoVize is the largest Czech-Slovak group of ophthalmology departments, which provides a wide range of outpatient and surgical eye care. In addition to health care, NeoVize also operates a network of opticians, participates in the management of a specialized children’s eye center Kukátko and two independent eye centers in Prague and Trenčín.

We had coffee with CFO David Jelen


What does a day in Neovize look like? What is your mission and daily bread?

Our vision is to make modern eye care accessible and provide to all who need it so that better eyesight brings them a better life. Regardless of the type of disease, the necessary treatment and social status. 

Our mission and at the same time daily bread is to provide top eye care of the highest quality. We are a dynamic, innovative and successful Czech – Slovak network of eye clinics and outpatient clinics using the latest technologies and procedures for the treatment of a wide range of eye diseases.

What does the word innovation mean to you in NeoVize?

I would rather use examples. You speak best for us.

The year 2014 was the first very significant in this respect and brought several innovations:
In April, we started removing diopters using the ReLEx Smile laser method at our clinics. This is the most gentle laser procedure today. 

In September, NeoVíz introduced the INSIO digital office system. Online circulation and approval of documents has greatly simplified and accelerated the administrative processes in the company, from human resources, mail records to the approval and automatic sending of invoices to the accounting system. At first glance, this internal innovation only allowed us to focus more on our care and services for our patients.

The last significant innovation in 2018 was the purchase of the latest version of the VisuMax femtosecond laser for the removal of myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism.

What steps did NeoVize have to take to move to a paperless office?

Today is very dynamic and for prosperity, perhaps the survival of the company, it is necessary to respond quickly to everyday changes. We were therefore determined to innovate and digitize the company even with greater effort and certain labor pains. We also assumed high development costs, IT infrastructure and other issues. However, none of the complications, especially thanks to the chosen solution, appeared completely. In the selection process, we chose the company INSIO Software, which made this change much easier for us, both through the simplicity of the implementation of their online solution and through its experience and proactive approach.

What exactly did the cooperation with INSIO look like?

The original intention was primarily to facilitate the owner’s supervision of invoices and payments, to enable easy approval and processing of received invoices. The goal was order and overview. But when we saw the INSIO solution, we realized the potential of digitization and especially the technical and economic director literally fell in love with the application. Finally, together with colleagues from INSIO, we also introduced modules for Human Resources – attendance and holiday requests, Intranet and telephone directory, Postal Registry and more.

However, we adhered to the original goal and started mapping the process of processing and approving invoices. His drawing even helped us to see him, as they say, from above and to tune some things in the process itself. The fact that there was room for improvement already suggests that we receive invoices for 18 companies and they then go through a multi-stage approval with many different options for the result and further progress. All this INSIO not only managed to take into account, but also to modernize some steps to hitherto unsuspected dimensions. For example, thanks to the integration of the document digitization system OCR, we completely automated the process of writing invoices to the system with artificial intelligence, which learns real-time from the errors of self-interpretation of fields on various invoice formats, to the correct reading of all data to 99.8%. Invoices and documents are now digitized by software,Of course, integration is also at the end of invoice processing. This time to the accounting system, where the approved invoices are automatically transferred for posting and payment. At the same time, the system checks for duplicates for each invoice, whether there is an order for the invoice, whether it does not exceed the contractual limit and, of course, whether it was issued by an established supplier and requires payment to the bank account registered for it. We do not have to worry about fraud from any side.

Each user sees in the application only what is relevant and important to him. We cared a lot about the ease of understanding and use. Everything is set up for everyone exactly as it makes the most sense for him, whether we are talking about the menu structure, preset filters, or the ability to see and work with records in various workflow states.

The amount of work that INSIO has saved us is really huge. In addition to saving time and order in invoices, we also really appreciate the interconnectedness of information and easily accessible data for decision-making.

Where do you see the biggest space in digitization for the future?

Since then, the cooperation with INSIO has been essentially continuous. Together we are working on further improvements to already used modules and we are currently working on the introduction of internal requests and a Helpdesk. On the goal, we would like to fulfill the vision of a paperless office to the letter and solve all work matters in one clear place, online, both from a computer and a mobile phone.