Keep track of the status of your technology, property and buildings

  • Technology inventory

    Stay up to date on all assets in a simple tree structured by technology type. Equipment can be grouped into easily viewable sections or displayed as an overview of the technologies in a building. For each piece of equipment, you will find information about the equipment itself, the manufacturer, inspections, servicing, warranty, etc.

  • Maintenance plans

    Set all inspections, planned maintenance and current actions for each piece of equipment. The system carefully keeps track of all deadlines for you.

  • Cost overview

    Record and track all repair and inspection costs for all technologies and buildings in a clear manner.

  • Servicing documentation

    For each piece of equipment, you can keep complete servicing and technical documentation, i.e. inspection reports, technology manuals, technological procedures, regulations, etc.

  • Equipment usage report

    A summary report of all devices and their status is available at the current time.

Acquire a powerful tool for recording what you have carried out maintenance on.

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