Store your technical documents online

  • Central repository

    Store all inspection reports, technology manuals, process guidelines, regulations, and building information in one place in a central repository with support for archiving and sharing across the company, as well as within projects, departments, or workgroups. Full-text search makes it easy to find the information you need.

  • Useful features:

    • All documents online, available anywhere 24/7.
    • For each document, its validity and effect are shown.
    • Support of cooperation by sharing key documents across the company for authorised users.
    • A high level of security thanks to centralised storage and the possibility of monitoring user activity.
    • The Proof of Familiarity status ensures that users are familiar with the documentation.
    • For selected documents, you can set an e-mail notification to change their status.

Retrieve your documents quickly and easily!

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