Complete payroll documentation

  • Monthly attendance sheets

    For calendar events, you can set a payroll component and rules for transfer to the attendance sheet. In the sheet for a given month, all events, hours worked, leave, etc. are then already divided into the individual payroll components, ready for export to your payroll system.

  • Automatic checking

    The timesheet allows for automatic checking of hours worked against the hourly pool or other payroll parameters. The confirmation and approval of a sheet is managed simply in line with your organisational structure and the approval worklow you have set up.

  • Manual entry

    In the creation of payroll documentation, you can also make manual entries at any time. This is useful not only in the system of bonuses and deductions, but also, for example, if you do not want to record attendance in the calendar in the personal calendar of each employee.

Prepare your payroll with INSIO!

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