Keep track of your employees’ activities

  • Scheduling and notifications

    Plan important work activities and tasks in advance and create a time allocation for them. To make sure you don’t forget anything, you will be notified in advance – in line with your settings – of the event.

  • Overview of working capacity

    The calendar records arrivals, departures, timesheets, sick leave, doctor visits, work from home, and mobile work. For non-work events, everyone sees their entitlements at the given time and supervisors have an overview of events.

  • Target tracking

    All events in the calendars can be filtered, e.g. by orders or facilities, and the application allows you to evaluate the activities related to a given order.

  • Flexibility

    The management of individual events can be set according to specific company processes. The approval workflow can also be set as automatic for selected agendas.

Organise your time and work with INSIO!

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