A complete overview of your assets from your computer and mobile phone

  • Asset cards

    Assets are recorded in the system on individual cards according to their registration numbers. Additional parameters can be set for these cards in the format of a text field or a check or drop-down box. Attachments, inspection reports, and relevant invoices can be added to a card. That way you always have them at hand.

  • Overviews

    Handy card summaries can be filtered at will and reports can be generated, at the level of either individual items or inventory. The option of bulk changes is another practical feature, e.g. if you are taking inventory for several assets at once.

  • Simple approval process

    As with other functions, a configurable approval workflow is supported here. For example, you can set up a process to track the lifecycle of assets, and asset transfer from person to person or from place to place.

Eliminate binders full of reports and inventories.

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