Document updates and changes at your fingertips

  • History for all documents

    The application logs the entire history of a document on its document record card. The clear workflow shows you who created the document, who has made changes to it, and who has approved or rejected it at each stage.

  • Versioning

    This feature allows you to load multiple versions of documents with information about who edited the document and when. Older versions are stored and can be retrieved at any time.

  • Filtering

    An invaluable assistant, especially when filtering by effect and validity, it gives you full control over documents that are currently valid or have been archived.

  • Document publication

    When publishing, you can select the people for whom the document is intended. They are notified by email and a pop-up window.

  • Forced reading

    This is useful when publishing particularly important documents. After logging in to the application, users must read the message, otherwise they are not allowed to continue working in the system.

  • Central repository

    The app also serves as an online document repository with many helpful features:

    • simple searches
    • reduction in the time spent working on a document, you can always return to each version of the document easily
    • the history of how documents have developed is auditable and verifiable
    • clear workflow recording approval processes notifications and dashboards
    • alerting the contributor to a task and an overview of processing for all stakeholders

Be alerted to documents you need to handle.

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