100% control over your projects

  • Jobs and implementation projects

    This module helps you to plan activities related to your jobs and projects efficiently. It provides clear lines of communication, the tracking of supplies of goods and services to customers within the framework of your business activities, billing, and profitability monitoring. Each job contains details of purchase orders, incoming and outgoing invoices, the progress of implementation, responsible persons, workflow, links to contracts, etc.

  • Budgets

    This serves as an input basis for subsequent execution – the system compares budget projections with actual costs and sales from a single screen. This means that you can always see how a job is doing, for example, whether it is progressing according to plan or whether you need to take action in response to rising costs.

  • Costs under control

    Purchase orders, incoming invoices and warehouse receipts are paired during the course of a job. This means you have an automatic real-time overview of your costs. At the same time, invoicing documents and outgoing invoices are assigned to the job. This provides an overview of the revenue side.

  • Implementation tickets

    These tickets make it easy to assign tasks, allocate the necessary time, and monitor their progress. As a result, job orders are fully managed and there are no budget overruns.

Manage your jobs with confidence!

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