Administration and operation


Thanks to Planning of Maintenance and Revisions with the INSIO system, you will ensure smooth and trouble-free operations of your buildings, equipment, and machines.

You will acquire a well-organized register for scheduled maintenance and revisions of all equipment and technological systems or for planning and implementing required checks and monitoring of repairs. The functionality will allow you to define the plan of maintenance and revisions, activities to be performed, employees who will be performing such activities, equipment on which the activities are to be performed and the periodicity of them.

Individual technological systems and equipment can be divided into well-organized sections or displayed as a summary overview of all technological systems found in a specific building. In addition, you can assign standardized maintenance plans to individual items of equipment defined in the templates form.

The system monitors adherence to the dates of revisions and in the case of an unscheduled service intervention, the plan of future revisions is adjusted and/or the plan can be adjusted manually as well.

For each item of equipment, documentation proving the implemented revisions or service can be attached. In the overview of equipment maintenance, you can view a list of all service interventions, including the previews of attached reports.

Thanks to the overview of implemented work and the possibility to approve purchase orders, you acquire a perfect overview of costs related to service interventions in individual technological systems as well as total costs related to the building. By planning regular service checks, you will reduce the costs related to maintaining technological systems.

The definition of access for individual users allows you to assign various access rights to individual users belonging to individual sections and by the focus of their activity.

What do the scheduled maintenance and revisions offer?

  • Details on individual items of equipment
  • Plans of maintenance and revisions
  • Lists of maintenance activities
  • List of secondary equipment
  • List of documents pertaining to individual items of equipment
  • Registration details
  • List of equipment related costs
  • Mobile application

Energy Management

Simplify the operation of energy management and its evaluation.

Register gauges and installations that can be arranged into a tree structure as primary and secondary. Allows the electronic registration of electricity/gas meter readings and consumption evaluation in the form of well-organized charts, including an option to compare data with that of the previous period.

  • Register installations and electricity/gas meters
  • The system supports the disconnection of one electricity/gas meter in the installation and the reconnection of another (due to failure, replacement, revision)
  • Definition of primary and secondary electricity/gas meters
  • Monitoring of the development of individual equipment consumption
  • Evaluation using charts, including comparison with the previous period
  • Within the framework of evaluation, the system allows the automatic merger of media units (m3, kWh, MJ) to be able to evaluate them together (e.g. if you want to know energy demands for the comparison of buildings)
  • Electricity/Gas meter readings, approval of readings at several levels (record – blocking – approval)
  • Distributed billing of costs among individual tenants
  • Overviews of measurement and monitoring of media leaks provide you with control over the use of technological systems and generate savings in the area of consumed energy

Records on assets and technological systems – status reporting

Do you want to manage your immovable property and have precise information on your assets, buildings, and technological systems in them in one place?
A technical passport is used for the description of assets from the point of view of all technological equipment, buildings, and other movable assets. For every item of equipment, basic information is registered, such as manufacturer, revisions, service, warranty, and other.

Technical equipment is classified as follows:

  • Technological equipment
  • Dedicated technical equipment
  • Information technologies
  • Weak-current, security and communication systems
  • Sanitary systems
  • Mobile application

Technological passport is the basis for equipment maintenance planning and management.


The warehouse with all relevant information available. Register easily and have all information about warehouse management, inventory level, inventory location, etc. at hand.

The system allows you to issue stock receipt forms/stock release forms, reporting, financial evaluation of the warehouse, evaluation within the framework of business cases and for example warehouse preliminary evaluation and subsequent corrections based on received invoices as well.

We also support special registers, such as mobile handy warehouses or order-related warehouses where goods and material can be stocked up in direct relation to a contract/order.

Connection with the Order and Received Invoices modules is a matter of course.

Main function

  • Stock receipt forms
  • Stock release forms
  • Stock transfer forms
  • Stock cards

Reservation system

Simplify reservations for meeting rooms, cars, or other shared facilities.

Reserving conference rooms, vehicles, or other shared assets. It is possible to define an individual reservation administrator for each category. For example, the administrator defines how long before or for what minimal time the assets may be reserved. All this simply with the support of notifications and recurring events.

Document Management

Imagine all revision reports, manuals of technological systems, know-how, regulations, information on objects being all in one place.

In a central repository supporting saving and sharing within the framework of the company, projects, individual departments, or work groups. Thanks to the integrated full-text search, you can find all information that you need easily, from everywhere and quickly.

Key functions:

  • All company-related documents on-line, available everywhere at any time. For every document, information on its validity and effect is available
  • Support of co-operation thanks to sharing key documents across the company for authorized users
  • Quick search in your own, company, team as well as project documents
  • High level of security thanks to the centralization of saving and possibility of user activity monitoring
  • Notification of important documents by e-mail


The Intranet is the entrance environment of the internal information system and other modules. Thanks to the Intranet, you will get an overview and the possibility of simple and intuitive work with all modules and your systems.

The Intranet includes the following modules

  • Telephone Books
  • Wikipedia
  • Document Publishing
  • Company Bulletin
  • Media Monitoring
  • Photo Gallery
  • Calendars
  • Discussion Forum
  • Administration of access rights to individual parts of the application by users or user groups
  • Centralized setting of code lists
  • Administration of language versions
  • Mobile application

The Intranet will be fully adapted to your needs

in terms of both graphic layouts, and the structure of individual parts of the application in relation to your processes.

Data boxes and mail register

Effective registration of outgoing and incoming e-mails. In addition, the system can be easily connected to your data box.

Hlavní funkce

  • Search data reports
  • E-mail archive
  • Administration of user rights for individual data boxes
  • In larger companies, the module fulfils the function of a fully-fledged filing office and electronic mail distribution to addressees.
  • The module also receives postal data messages that are an alternative to registered mail.


Acquire a powerful communication channel and helpdesk system for entering and resolving requests.

The HelpDesk module will help you resolve any unexpected events, starting with their reporting, course of the solution, structuring, up to the SLA and budget monitoring.

Monitor requests related to individual objects, customers or technologies and have the processes under control. Be on good terms with your customers thanks to a uniform communication channel and the monitoring of performance under SLAs.
The system provides easy communication between the head office and branches – you can delegate requests both within the framework of individual departments, and to individual regions or buildings.

Key functionalities

  • Registration of requests submitted by employees as well as customers
  • Information on the progress of the solution and request structuring
  • Request workflow and status
  • Notices
  • Monitoring of performance under SLAs
  • Budget monitoring
  • Extensive options available for defining access and authorization
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Mobile application

Human resources

Human resources and attendance

Thanks to our solution, you will have all information about your employees readily available in one place.

The INSIO Human Resource Management software provides you with control over all processes related to the employee’s commencement of work, their employment relationship, attendance, registration of entrusted assets, and last but not least, the employee’s performance.

Together with the other modules, such as Maintenance and Calendar, the Human Resource Management solution will help you manage records on your employees’ attendance and work and prepare source materials for wage management.

Key functionalities:

  • Employee Address Book
  • Organizational Structure
  • Employee Personal Calendars
  • Holiday Approval and Use
  • Register of Deductions and Bonuses
  • Monthly Attendance Reports (source materials for wage management)
  • Mobile application

Traveling orders

The Travel Orders module facilitates the registration and billing of domestic and foreign business trips, including all the requirements according to the valid legislation.

You can print the issued travel orders and business travel billing in the form required for travel orders. Thanks to the approval process, everything will be done quickly, easily, and in one place.


Business opportunities

Manage communication with your potential customers more effectively. Every contact with persons interested in goods or service is recorded in a well-organized manner.

In addition, you can see other details about the partner, the subject matter of the offer, its status and contact persons, etc.
The module allows any workflow and cooperation to be set, for example for the purpose of monitoring or reporting. Once the opportunity proceeds to the respective status, the workflow is transferred to the Offers module.


Manage offers sent to your customers in an effective manner. Record for them not only the basic information on the subject-matter of the offer and the requester, but also the external and internal costs associated to it and more.

The system prepares a document for the client in the PDF format, including all parameters of the offer. The document can then be sent to the customer directly from the system. If the customer accepts the offer, the workflow will move you to the Order Management module. The module allows any workflow and cooperation to be set, for example for the purpose of supervision, success monitoring or other reporting.

Order Management

Have a perfect overview of company orders and the current status of their implementation.

Gain control over deadlines, assigned tasks, budgets and invoicing.
Order Management connects functionalities belonging to several modules of the INSIO platform to be able to manage orders from one place starting with the offer, to the preparing the contract, purchase orders, budgets, implementation, invoices, and all other items associated with this.

Key functionalities:

  • Well-organized records of company orders
  • As part of registration, it is possible to set the following parameters: what data will be registered with orders for your purposes, such as the order name, person ordering, order number or its priority, and/or the structure (e.g. what the order numbers should look like)
  • Connection to the Tasks module – for the created order, relevant employees can be set tasks related to the order implementation
  • Connection to the Statement of Work module – the implemented work for the given order can be recorded in the statement of work directly with the order
  • Easy search for the recorded orders based on various criteria – for example, the current status of the order, its number or name
  • It is possible to assign to employees various access rights for the orders already created – for example access to only the orders where the respective employee is specified, or access to all orders

Issued Invoices

Acquire a simple and reliable automated tool that will prepare invoices and send them for you.

Thanks to this module, either you or your technician will issue the invoice for work performed and send it directly from the system to your business partners. In addition, the invoice will be entered in your accounting system. Alternatively, you can save it in PDF format and send by e-mail or print it. Thanks to the option of setting periodic billing, you will no longer need to take care of the already well-established processes and relationships.

Key functionalities:

  • Possibility to set general details in invoices according to your needs.
  • Details about the client can be propagated based on its ID from the CRM module or from the previously created invoices.
  • Issued invoices can be either sent or printed.
  • Prior to sending invoices, attachments, such as a detailed bill of quantities or a price list, can be added to it.
  • Individual events concerning invoices are registered in the workflow (invoice preparation, for approval, invoice sent, etc.).
  • Various access rights such as for reading/creating/deleting can be set for individual users.
  • Searching can be performed based on various criteria in the issued invoices.
  • Well-organized records on issued invoices with the option to mark the already paid invoices.

Contract records

Manage your contractual relationships and contracts with partners using the INSIO system. Register basic information on your partner and contract, such as its type, subject-matter, validity and effect, and much more.

Any number of documents can be added to the contract card. Thanks to the functionality of primary and secondary contracts, you can manage the life cycle as well as addenda to your contracts. Similarly, as in the case of the other modules, the contracts work with workflows. This means that the contract can be prepared by the administrative support, the accounting department can approve it before it is submitted to the manager or other competent person for final approval. For every supply contract, you can set a limit that is then monitored within the framework of purchase orders. You cannot create a purchase order in excess of the limit set for the contract. For contracts, it is possible to set notifications for the approaching end of validity or effect.

Purchase Orders

Imagine an intuitive process for ordering goods and services, from the request, its internal approval, creating the order, to invoicing – all in accordance with the terms and conditions and limits in one place, easily and with connected to other system.

For example, the user requests for ordering office supplies or some other material. The request form will pass the approval workflow up to the creation of the purchase order. The workflow, as in the other parts of the system, is fully adaptable to your processes.
Request forms can be processed either by the HelpDesk module, i.e. using a two-way communication channel (with less specific request forms), or directly in the Purchase Orders module where you can utilize a separate agenda (numerical row) called “Request Forms”.
After approval, the request form process continues with creating an order. The Purchase Orders module also allows you to work with the approval workflow. After approving the order, the system itself generates the order in PDF according to the template and sends it to the supplier for payment. The workflow of purchase orders may not end by mere sending the purchase order to the supplier. It may continue to possible statuses “Goods supplied” or “Invoice received”. From the purchase order, the system refers to the invoice that is related to the purchase order and it is registered in the system as “Invoice received”.

Approval of invoices

After the goods have been supplied, the partner sends the invoice that can be entered in the “Approving invoices” module either manually or in electronic form (OCR mining). The invoice itself can be uploaded into the system in the PDF format.

When approving invoices, you can again set up the workflow process according to your needs. If the invoice shows the order number, the system pairs the order with the received invoice, compares the amount, and if these amounts are equal, sends the invoice for processing.

If the sums stated in the invoice and purchase order differ, approval is performed by alternative means and the invoice can be approved by for example the ordering person.

After the invoice has been approved, the assessment of its formal correctness is usually done by the accountant. If the accountant approves the invoice, the invoice can be exported to the customer’s accounting system via the integration interface.