Let’s partner up

Are you an individual or a company with your own customer base? Join the INSIO partner program and secure passive income.

I want to become an affiliate
INSIO partner

Affiliate Programme levels

Business partner

Do you know about any of your clients’ needs that you can pair with potentially suitable INSIO software? Just put us in touch and don’t worry about anything else. We will introduce the product to the prospective client ourselves and you can then enjoy passive income for the duration of the contract.

Implementation partner

Are you interested in getting to know our products in detail and want to become an implementation affiliate? You analyse the prospective client’s needs and offer suitable products, and then you implement them. This will provide you with a long-term stream of income.

Benefits of the INSIO Affiliate Programme

  • Regular commission-based earnings
  • Commission for qualifying referrals from the implementation amount part and regular monthly payments from client billing
  • No initiation fees
  • No minimum sales requirement
  • Our dedicated team will help you to succeed. We are ready to give you full training support and answer any questions you may have. You can rely on our expertise and assistance in developing your partnership with INSIO.


Call us on +420 773 777 779 or email us at info@insio.cz. We will be more than happy to discuss opportunities for cooperation with you.

No requirements or minimum sales are set. All we ask is that you act fairly and ethically when promoting our products.

There are two levels of affiliation. The first focuses on you forwarding us a prospective client’s contact details, based on their prior consent to be contacted. At this level affiliates are able to identify the client’s needs and propose relevant products or features of the INSIO system. The second level is the "implementation" level. Here, affiliates team up with us to present the products, carry out implementation, and provide helpdesk support to clients. Affiliates at this level earn extra commission for providing support.

Commission is paid only for qualifying referrals, i.e. cooperation following the conclusion of a contract. You will receive your first payment within 14 days of the first payment by the client.

The ideal target groups are individuals or businesses that broker products and services or act as agents for other companies.

There is no sales threshold. You’re not committing to anything.

Our team is ready to provide you with professional support and answer your questions. You can rely on our expertise. We will extend you every possible assistance in forming an affiliation with INSIO.

Marketing materials are available after consultation with our team. We’ll give you access to them when you join the Programme.