Approval of invoices

Work with received invoices online.

From loading into the system by scanning, or perhaps directly from the received e-mail and converting the data into a machine-processable form using artificial intelligence, through the approval workflow, to monitoring payments. Set up the approval process, terminology, centers and categorization according to your needs, save time and money and get an overview.

Loading into the system

You can enter an invoice in the system in many ways. Scanning, reading from e-mail, OCR extraction - ie conversion into a machine-processable form with the help of artificial intelligence to simple manual entry and editing of individual items. After a successful automatic check of the amount with the order and the bank account from the supplier's card, you can have the invoices automatically approved and exported to the accounting system. The system also allows you to work with advance invoices and match them with final invoices. Depending on the system settings and permissions, you can edit the invoice in various processing steps, assign centers or orders.

Workflow, approval and digital signature

The invoice goes through the approval process. It is fully configurable and adaptable to the functioning of your company. Within the organizational structure, the system manages the permissions of individual users or their groups. Superiority and subordination are also taken into account. For example, invoices for the purchase of IT equipment will be approved by the manager of the “IT” center, marketing materials will probably be someone from a sales or marketing center. Invoices can also be signed with a digital certificate. In addition, you can link invoices to the order module, pair them, and validate the existence of the approved order and the amount match. If the check of the invoice with the order shows some inaccuracies, the approval and further additions with a different branch of the workflow is taken manually. The individual workflow steps are recorded in the system for the purposes of a possible audit and in accordance with the accounting standard IFRS16.

Delivery confirmation and pairing with the order

From the invoice, the system refers to the order that is linked to it and automatically checks its items. They can then allocate them to different centers.

Integration into accounting and other systems

You do not need to change the accounting system. Thanks to the open API, INSIO DMS is easily integrated with your existing applications such as SAP, MS Dynamics AX, ERP systems, accounting, payroll and other programs.

Filtering reports and exports

You can view invoices in comprehensive reports, sort them as you like, filter them and export these selections to xls and csv formats. This will give you a quick overview of, for example, approved or paid invoices. Or you can create a menu item from it in a few clicks and you will have it available at any time, for example as a list of invoices for approval.

Mobile application

Download our mobile application. It will help you when working in the field. It is no stranger to GPS, NFC, QR or barcode technologies and can be downloaded for Apple or Android mobile phones.

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Případové studie

INSIO easily managed not only to easily take into account our requirements, but also to modernize some steps. For example, thanks to the integration into the OCR digitization system, we have completely automated the process of writing invoices into the system with artificial intelligence.


David Jelen – CFO


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David Jelen - Finanční ředitel

By implementing the INSIO system, UNION pojišťovna acquired a tool that effectively solves the purchase process, from the request through the order, communication with suppliers to tracking the delivered goods. The system is flexible, it can adapt to changes in the organization, processes or permissions.


Zuzana Szabados – Procurement Director


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Zuzana Szabados - Manažérka odboru obstarávania

Innovation accompanies us throughout our history, they are our essence, both towards our customers and in our own functioning. The field of IT has always been a very sparsely developing field. It’s not enough to just keep up, you have to be ahead of the competition to succeed.


Martin Souček – Generál Director


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Martin Souček - Generální ředitel

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