System functions

Clear ticket classification

You can divide and sort requests, for example, into IT, HR, sales tickets. External tickets can then be managed, for example, by clients and customers, buildings, branches, etc. Thanks to filtering and sorting, you have everything under control within one system.


You can define workflow and request states according to your processes, for each request group separately. Then, for each request, you see the processing status, times, and the users who contributed to the solution.


Notification by e-mail for events such as the creation of new tickets and the progress of resolution. At all times, the system actively communicates and informs both the client and the solver about the status of the given request. Setting notification options.

E-mail client

Smart email client. You can create your own message and notification templates for each type of communication in the system. These then notify the user, for example, when the request gets to the step that is for them to execute. For each request, you can track the complete history of e-mail communication for the problem being solved in one place.


You can get information on the request resolution process and the breakdown of requests clearly both on an individual level, as well as across tickets, thanks to high-quality and platform-wide support of reports, with the possibility of export to MS Excel, PDF and other formats.

SLA monitoring

The helpdesk monitors the fulfillment of deadlines and escalates requests for you. If the deadline for completing an important task is approaching, the application can notify the ticket owner and if necessary, escalate the ticket to a superior.

Costs and budgeting

Monitoring of financial and time costs consumed in solving the request. An overview of the development of these costs over time. Furthermore, in the system you can define financial budgets for individual buildings, branches, departments or clients and monitor their consumption over time.

Mobile application

For example, our mobile application for fully-fledged field work allows you to enter new tickets, including attaching the of captured photos and videos. The application supports notifications, workflow, as well as managerial reports and dashboards. It has technologies such as GPS, NFC, QR or barcodes. It can be downloaded for both Apple and Android mobile phones.

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Case studies

Innovation accompanies us throughout our history, they are our essence, both towards our customers and in our own functioning. The field of IT has always been a very sparsely developing field. It’s not enough to just keep up, you have to be ahead of the competition to succeed.

Martin Souček – General Director

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