Keep your contractual documents in order

  • Contract cards

    The card records all data about a contract (type, customer, supplier, responsible persons, etc.), the system records the entire history of communications and revisions of contracts and also unifies all drafts, annexes, and the final signed versions of the contract.

  • Workflow

    You define the process approval by filling in the responsible persons who are allowed to comment on a document, add comments or edit a contract online. This does away with the need for the repeated downloading and uploading of contracts and gives you an overview of all changes that have been made.

  • Approval process

    The procedure replicates the internal workings of the company. Approvals can be set up sequentially (i.e. one after another) or in parallel, where one or more people comment on the document and then the approval process continues with the next step. Signing with a digital certificate is a matter of course.

  • Timelines

    The platform automatically alerts you when contracts are about to expire, so you can negotiate renewals in advance.

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