Simplify your work with incoming invoices

  • Automated extraction

    No more rewriting. No more mistakes. You can easily upload invoices to the system by email, direct entry, or automatic extraction (OCR system), which replaces the manual rewriting of data, thus automating the circulation of invoices and eliminating errors.

  • Electronic approval process

    The system is designed for quick and efficient invoice verification. The process includes material approval by the customer (items, center, etc.) and subsequent formal approval by the accounting department (issue date, maturity, customer, etc.). This ensures the correct approval of costs and reimbursement only for services or goods provided. If there is an order number on the invoice, it will be compared with the order. If everything matches, the received invoice is automatically approved and sent for processing

  • Centre billing

    The system supports invoicing to individual centers and facilitates effective communication within the company, especially in cases of ambiguity.

  • Data under control

    You have up-to-date overviews of all invoices, i.e. paid, past due or pending, which you can set up individually e.g. on your own dashboard.

Approve incoming invoices efficiently online.

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