Don’t lose track of your purchase orders

  • Catalogue of items

    A feature ensuring that only approved items are ordered, contributing to more efficient management of the purchasing process.

  • Limits

    Purchase orders can be limited by amount, centre, or supplier contract. This gives you an overview of your costs and you know in advance what you can expect to be billed for.

  • Finances under control

    The budget is divided into categories according to the type of goods or center, giving you an overview of departmental spending. The system monitors the budget and alerts you when the depletion limit is approaching. This can be used as a basis for requesting a budget allocation or increase for the next period.

  • Process workflow

    This workflow guarantees you not only a perfect overview of the current status of purchase orders and progress in handling them, but also – and most importantly – easy approval and control from the issuance of a purchase order to delivery of the commodity, including careful budget monitoring.

Keep track of your purchase orders.

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