Effective management of facilities and medical centres

Do you manage too many complicated and sensitive medical devices? Do you have to deal with scheduled maintenance, safety engineering checks as well as unexpected failures? Manage revisions and solutions to unexpected events easily and in one place – in the Intrasoft platform.. Eliminate unavailability times of medical devices and improve the safety of patients. You will acquire an advanced platform adapted to your processes that cover most of the needs of your company. The software automates processes and actively communicates with users within the framework of defined workflows via e-mail or mobile application. The software provides the management with analytical data using dashboards and reports. Manage your medical centre in a smart and effective manner.



Recommended features


Thanks to Planning of Maintenance and Revisions with the INSIO system, you will ensure smooth and trouble-free operations of your buildings, equipment, and machines.

You will acquire a well-organized register for scheduled maintenance and revisions of all equipment and technological systems or for planning and implementing required checks and monitoring of repairs. The functionality will allow you to define the plan of maintenance and revisions, activities to be performed, employees who will be performing such activities, equipment on which the activities are to be performed and the periodicity of them.

Individual technological systems and equipment can be divided into well-organized sections or displayed as a summary overview of all technological systems found in a specific building. In addition, you can assign standardized maintenance plans to individual items of equipment defined in the templates form.

The system monitors adherence to the dates of revisions and in the case of an unscheduled service intervention, the plan of future revisions is adjusted and/or the plan can be adjusted manually as well.

For each item of equipment, documentation proving the implemented revisions or service can be attached. In the overview of equipment maintenance, you can view a list of all service interventions, including the previews of attached reports.

Thanks to the overview of implemented work and the possibility to approve purchase orders, you acquire a perfect overview of costs related to service interventions in individual technological systems as well as total costs related to the building. By planning regular service checks, you will reduce the costs related to maintaining technological systems.

The definition of access for individual users allows you to assign various access rights to individual users belonging to individual sections and by the focus of their activity.

What do the scheduled maintenance and revisions offer?

  • Details on individual items of equipment
  • Plans of maintenance and revisions
  • Lists of maintenance activities
  • List of secondary equipment
  • List of documents pertaining to individual items of equipment
  • Registration details
  • List of equipment related costs
  • Mobile application

Energy Management

Simplify the operation of energy management and its evaluation.

Register gauges and installations that can be arranged into a tree structure as primary and secondary. Allows the electronic registration of electricity/gas meter readings and consumption evaluation in the form of well-organized charts, including an option to compare data with that of the previous period.

  • Register installations and electricity/gas meters
  • The system supports the disconnection of one electricity/gas meter in the installation and the reconnection of another (due to failure, replacement, revision)
  • Definition of primary and secondary electricity/gas meters
  • Monitoring of the development of individual equipment consumption
  • Evaluation using charts, including comparison with the previous period
  • Within the framework of evaluation, the system allows the automatic merger of media units (m3, kWh, MJ) to be able to evaluate them together (e.g. if you want to know energy demands for the comparison of buildings)
  • Electricity/Gas meter readings, approval of readings at several levels (record – blocking – approval)
  • Distributed billing of costs among individual tenants
  • Overviews of measurement and monitoring of media leaks provide you with control over the use of technological systems and generate savings in the area of consumed energy

Records on assets and technological systems – status reporting

Do you want to manage your immovable property and have precise information on your assets, buildings, and technological systems in them in one place?
A technical passport is used for the description of assets from the point of view of all technological equipment, buildings, and other movable assets. For every item of equipment, basic information is registered, such as manufacturer, revisions, service, warranty, and other.

Technical equipment is classified as follows:

  • Technological equipment
  • Dedicated technical equipment
  • Information technologies
  • Weak-current, security and communication systems
  • Sanitary systems
  • Mobile application

Technological passport is the basis for equipment maintenance planning and management.


Acquire a powerful communication channel and helpdesk system for entering and resolving requests.

The HelpDesk module will help you resolve any unexpected events, starting with their reporting, course of the solution, structuring, up to the SLA and budget monitoring.

Monitor requests related to individual objects, customers or technologies and have the processes under control. Be on good terms with your customers thanks to a uniform communication channel and the monitoring of performance under SLAs.
The system provides easy communication between the head office and branches – you can delegate requests both within the framework of individual departments, and to individual regions or buildings.

Key functionalities

  • Registration of requests submitted by employees as well as customers
  • Information on the progress of the solution and request structuring
  • Request workflow and status
  • Notices
  • Monitoring of performance under SLAs
  • Budget monitoring
  • Extensive options available for defining access and authorization
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Mobile application


The warehouse with all relevant information available. Register easily and have all information about warehouse management, inventory level, inventory location, etc. at hand.

The system allows you to issue stock receipt forms/stock release forms, reporting, financial evaluation of the warehouse, evaluation within the framework of business cases and for example warehouse preliminary evaluation and subsequent corrections based on received invoices as well.

We also support special registers, such as mobile handy warehouses or order-related warehouses where goods and material can be stocked up in direct relation to a contract/order.

Connection with the Order and Received Invoices modules is a matter of course.

Main function

  • Stock receipt forms
  • Stock release forms
  • Stock transfer forms
  • Stock cards

Why choose INSIO

100% web platform

you do not have to install any software, the only thing you need is an Internet browser.

Mobile application

will help you manage you work in the field. The application integrates third-party technologies, such as GPS, NFC, QR or bar codes and you can download it for Apple or Android mobile phones.

Easy integration

with your existing application (SAP, MS Dynamics AX, ERP systems, accounting, wage, and other programs).

Modern design,

easy to use, intuitive user interface, easy operation, appearance adapted to your identity.

Maximum level of security

of your data by encoding, SSL protocol, external audits and penetration tests of the application and data repository.

Wide range of setting options

customization, and behaviour of the application. Centralized management of code lists and authorizations.

Optimized for the pace of work

The application is fast and will not be slowed down even in the case of large volumes of processed data.

Various language versions.

Your foreign colleagues will be able to use the application in their native language.



Zero capital expenditure


You pay only for what you actually use


You do not need your own IT infrastructure


Availability 99.9%


Secured access anywhere at any time