Offered services

Satisfied customer comes first with us! We are happy to take care of you. And we know that this cannot be achieved without quality service support.

Service support

We provide service support as standard to every customer for the entire portfolio of products that we offer. The standard support is provided on business days. Critical requests making work with the system impossible are usually resolved immediately, fixing errors is provided within 4 business days. We offer to the clients who emphasize availability and guaranteed response times, premium support with the option of non-stop support over the telephone or by e-mail, reaction times within 2 hours and guaranteed repair time within 4 hours from submitting the request. Part of the service support are regular updates of the software, speed optimization for the application and a database located directly at the customer, a solution for back-up processes, a recovery plan for ensuring replacement operations in the case of system failure (this concerns on-premise installations) and other support services.

Systems integration

We can connect two or more system into one functional unit using system integration. The integration may not include only company internal systems. We implement a growing number of integrations of systems used by business partners ensuring a faster exchange of information and SLA performance. We have had a lot of experience with systems integration and we support all options for data transfer that are technically feasible. For this purpose, we have developed a proprietary integration server that is ready to arrange for such data transfer. The integration process has become a routine to us. Considering the fact that integration usually involves three and more parties (usually a customer and system providers), we are ready to provide all activities related to the management of the integration project, i.e. communication, design and architecture, documentation, implementation, testing and support.

Tailor-made software

Software made-to-measure for the client takes into account the client’s needs and requirements and can be used for company processes that are not fully covered by standardized solutions. Software designed in this manner also saves you money as you do not pay for functions that you do not need – only for those that you need to use actively. Considering the existence of our own internal information system, we divide our order development into two areas. The first area refers to the extension and/or modification of existing modules, including the creation of communication bridges to other systems so that the final solution fully covered the client’s requirements. The other area refers to the complete creation of new modules extending the existing portfolio of the already existing system. The tailor-made development comprises several partial steps.