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  • There are many advantages and benefits to standardised software solutions, but they also have their limitations. Knowing this, in our implementation process we also offer software which is tailored to your specific needs, fully respects the client’s requirements, and is useful in all cases where the standard solutions available do not cover existing corporate processes.

  • Software designed in this way is also cost effective, as you don’t pay for features you don’t need – you only get what you will actively be using.

  • As we have our own robust information system, we split our custom development into two areas:

    • Expansion or modification of existing modules, including the creation of communication bridges to other systems, so that the final solution fully covers the client’s requirements.
    • Full-scale development of new modules to expand the existing system’s current portfolio. There are several steps to custom development.

  • In our development process, we are not limited by any platform or operating system. After running a detailed initial analysis, developing and rolling out a suitable tailor-made solution, and providing training, we also provide full service support.

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